At the Maracana- July 13, 2014

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Goalkeeping Errors

Goalkeeping gaffes are not unique to Russian keeper Igor Akinfeev.  See his error-click here                    It came as no surprise as his play was unsteady all night. Fabio Capello was also victimized by his keeper in 2010- Robert Green.  Click here Being a fellow keeper- I've been there and done something similar on a very big stage.  And just to make sure we have more company, there was a very similar incident in USA 1994.  The GK you're about to see had been stellar up to this point- Click here to watch this! Packie Bonner's mishandling of the ferocious Dutch shot was a deja vu for my retired self.  I can honestly say in this case- misery does not love company. 


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Also on Friday July 11 from Brazil with Rich Tittle on "Sports Byline" in San Francisco- link to follow

PJ interview with Evan Gold on the "Health, Wealth and Wisdom" my bit starts in minute 17-click here to listen to podcast!

Many thanks to Kevin Flynn to allow me to go "Over the Ball" on May 21st and July 9 from Brazil

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