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Who is Futwan Kerbol?

In the summer of 1983 while participating in the US Olympic Team Trials  in Colorado Springs, CO a very capable "talent" scout representing Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine singled out some athletes for photo spreads which were published in the winter edition of 1983.  In the modeling industry appearing in Interview was the summit of achievement and as with most of the stories in the Odyssey, I had no idea how fortunate I was. This picture was the chosen one and is the pinnacle of a brief modeling career!  After my appearance on "Over the Ball," Kevin Flynn informed me he was also on the set that day and our preparation, including haircuts, was done by people hand picked by Vidal Sassoon himself.  Listen to the interview- click here

There was also an appearance in a 1985 catalog for the fledgling company known as Eurosport.  Unfortunately I failed to get a contract offering royalties!


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